Women's International League for Peace and Freedom St. Louis Branch


Letter to the Editor

a man writing a letter

by Lynn Sableman    We seem to be missing something about the nexus of climate change and military activity. The USA has by far the largest military  on earth with the largest carbon footprint. Fighter jets emit tons per hour causing…

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Can you really love your enemy?

people reaching hands to each other

by Cara Jensen This is the name of a podcast I listened to recently from the 2013 Greenbelt Festival, given by Sami Awad. He is the executive director of Holy Land Trust, a Palestinian nonprofit organisation that works at both…

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What’s WILPF Middle East Committee up to?

wood sea love art

by Lynn Sableman Recently, my daughter asked why I spend so much time on WILPF? She continued, wouldn’t you get quicker results working on a political campaign? I am glad she asked. It spurred me to ruminate and respond. Yes,…

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