Women's International League for Peace and Freedom St. Louis Branch


Ally Spotlight: Sustainability Seekers

What is Sustainability Seekers all about? I was not a member of PUCC when Sustainability Seekers was formed, but Polly Winkleman, who is our SS co chairman, helped set a Mission Statement which reads: “Recognizing the link between Christian faith…

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COP 26 Musings

silver steel mining crane on black rocky soil during daytime

by Lynn Sableman  I notice that November 21 is the WILPF National report back webinar by WILPF international members at cop 26 in Glasgow. I can’t wait. A big item is representative Barbara Lee, Democrat California is the lead sponsor…

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Plastic Problem

by Lynn Sableman, Earth Democracy Our ally from MO mentum Environs, Margaret Hermes, had a regular monthly meeting to write cards and letters to companies and legislators relevant to a particular environmental problem at each meeting. I was so impressed…

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WILPF US Earth Democracy webinar

waterfalls in forest

Using the Earth Democracy/Military Poisons Website and “PFAS and the Military” Projects Combating Military Poisons and Valuing Water  On Sunday, March 21st–the day before World Water Day–WILPF US Earth Democracy Committee and Vermont PFAS and Military Poisons Coalition are offering…

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