Women's International League for Peace and Freedom St. Louis Branch


Lynn’s Corner – Summer issue

It’s a Wonderful World if we open our hearts to see it. With more than half of American adults  fully vaccinated, our lives are on track for a safe recovery. There are still vaccine hesitant  people in the United States…

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2021 Book Club

cup of hot beverage on books

2021 Book Club Join WILPF St.Louis for a book discussion every Tuesday at noon via zoom, February and March, as we follow Isabel Wilkerson’s masterful comparison of her ‘8 parts of Caste systems’ in India, Nazi Germany and the United…

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St. Louis Branch Launches Screwnomics Project

https://wilpfus.org/news/updates/st-louis-branch-launches-screwnomics-project The St. Louis branch of WILPF took on the Screwnomics project as a means of bridge-building to the local community. The project means to offer a free, fun, feisty, feminist intro. to macroeconomics. It also aims to be an…

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