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Lynn’s Corner — Summer Issue

   Hi StLouis WILPF, I had the pleasure of spending a week at the picturesque utopian village, 100 year old Chautauqua Institute in upper New York State. I highly recommend it. The speaker I want to tell you about during the…

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Lynn’s Corner – Fall issue

From “The Conversation”Benjamin Neimark Senior Lecturer Lancaster University in consultation with Sustainability researcher Cara Kennelly say shrinking this US war machine is a must for climate mitigation. Studies show that action on climate change demands shuttering vast sections of the…

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Lynn’s Corner – Summer issue

It’s a Wonderful World if we open our hearts to see it. With more than half of American adults  fully vaccinated, our lives are on track for a safe recovery. There are still vaccine hesitant  people in the United States…

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Lynn’s Corner – Spring issue

Lynn Sableman, Board President What has COVID time been like for you? I hope you have managed to stay well. For me, there has been a wonderful confluence of material to read and time to do it. I say wonderful…

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