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What’s WILPF Middle East Committee up to?

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by Lynn Sableman Recently, my daughter asked why I spend so much time on WILPF? She continued, wouldn’t you get quicker results working on a political campaign? I am glad she asked. It spurred me to ruminate and respond. Yes,…

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Ally Spotlight: Margaret Hermes, Missouri Coalition for the Environment

You have been involved in environmental activities in Missouri for some time, but I understand you are also a fiction writer. Tell us about yourself, and how you came to environmental activism. Did you spend time in nature in your…

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“Think of it as a compass for human prosperity in the 21st Century.”, Kate Raworth

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by Judy Davis, Women, Money & Democracy TIME magazine’s article describing how Amsterdam, Portland, and Philadelphia are using Kate Raworth’s Doughnut economic model to guide their rebuilding provides an encouraging introduction to New economics theory.  I can’t wait to read…

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My Journey to Nonviolence

by Cara Jensen When I first joined WILPF, I was familiar, but not knowledgeable about the teachings of non-violence and pacifism. Upon reading and learning more and more, the concept seems to be fitting me like a glove, or perhaps…

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Things to Ponder: Our History, The Present, The Future

Peggy Foege, Board Member During the months of February and March, every Tuesday from 12:00 to 1:00 pm, WILPF -St.Louis has been having discussions about the book ‘Caste’ by Isabel Wilkerson. For those unfamiliar with this book it explores the…

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Lynn’s Corner – Spring issue

Lynn Sableman, Board President What has COVID time been like for you? I hope you have managed to stay well. For me, there has been a wonderful confluence of material to read and time to do it. I say wonderful…

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