Article I  Name

  The name of this organization shall be the St. Louis Branch of the United States Section of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.


The objectives of this organization shall be:

  To promote by non-violent methods that peace between nations, races and classes which is based on justice and good will, to outlaw war and to substitute law for war.

  To work with the United States Section as it cooperates with all other sections of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom in carrying out the policies formulated at its International Congresses.

  To develop a program of education and action based on the Principles and Policies of the United States Section.

Organizational Policies

Section 1.  We work through education and action creating an informed membership and, through it, informed communities

Section 2.  We work by non-partisan political action

Section 3.  No branch or individual in the name of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom may take action contrary to national or international policies, and no individual may speak [or write] in the name of the organization without authorization by the national, regional or local branch.

Section 4.  We may work cooperatively with other organizations when the project falls within our Objectives and Policies.  If the United States Section, or any of its branches, is a part of the policy making of any cooperative effort, we may take joint action, otherwise we may take independent action

Article IV  Membership and Dues

Section 1.  The membership shall consist of all persons who support the Objectives and methods of the organization and pay the prescribed national dues.

Section 2.  Any member may become an International Associate member of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom in paying the dues prescribed in addition to the dues of the United States Section.

Section 3.  The fiscal year for the St. Louis Branch shall be from June 1 to May 31.

Section 4.  The branch shall give financial support to the national work through contributions decided by the Branch.  

Article V  Officers

Section 1.  The officers of the St. Louis Branch shall be a president, two vice-presidents, a recording secretary, a corresponding secretary and a treasurer, each to serve a term of two years.  These officers shall be divided into two groups elected in alternate years.  The president, the second vice president and the corresponding secretary shall start their terms on odd numbered years; the first vice president, recording secretary and the treasurer shall start their terms on even numbered years.  Co-chairs or assistants may serve in any office.  No person shall serve for more than two consecutive terms in one office.

Section 2.  The nominating committee shall be composed of three members selected by the Board.  One person should be a Board member.  They shall present a slate of officers to the members by mail in advance of the Annual Meeting.  The slate should consist of current members willing to serve.

Section 3.  The election of officers shall be at the Annual Meeting.  Nominations from the floor may be made provided that each nominee is a current member and is willing to serve.

Section 4.  The new officers shall take office at the Annual Meeting.

Section 5.  A vacancy occurring in an office shall be filled as soon as possible by the Branch Board.

Article VI  Duties of Officers

Section 1.  The Branch President shall preside at all meetings of the membership and of the Board, unless she shall designate someone to preside in her stead.  She shall perform all other duties usually pertaining to the office.

Section 2.  The first Vice-President shall serve as an aide to the president and perform the duties of the President in her absence.  She shall also be Program and Action Chair.

Section 3.  The second Vice-President shall serve as Legislative Chair.

Section 4. The Recording Secretary shall keep minutes of all Branch Board meetings

Section 5.  The Corresponding Secretary shall attend to all correspondence not specifically referred to others, as directed by the president, Board or membership.

Section 6.  The Treasurer shall collect or receive monies raised by contributions, literature sales or fundraising events or projects.  She shall disperse same only upon direction of the Board.  She shall present a monthly statement at Board meetings and an Annual Report at the Branch Annual Meeting.

Article VII  Board of Directors

Section 1.  The Board of Directors shall consist of the officers, the editor of the Bulletin, the chairs of standing Committees, Ad Hoc Committees and advisory members or members at large as are appropriate.  

Section 2.  The Board shall administer the affairs of the organization.  It shall act in emergencies between membership meetings.  It should hold regular meetings monthly.  A majority of members in attendance shall constitute a quorum.  Decisions shall be made by consensus.

Section 3.  The Board shall call an Annual Meeting.  They shall decide the date and place of the meeting.  It will be in May if possible.

Section 4.  The Board shall receive and approve reports and plans of work of committee chairs.  Any committee failing to function shall be replaced as soon as possible.  

Section 5.  The Board shall take action in the name of the Branch in accordance with the stated policies of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom or in response to requests from the national office.  

Article VIII  Executive Committee

The executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers of the branch.  They will meet monthly before the full board meeting to consider and discuss branch business.  They will make recommendations to the full board for decisions.  In a pressing and time constricting situation, they may act for the full board in making decisions.

Article IX  Standing Committees

Section 2.  Standing committees shall be created by the BOard as may be required to promote the objectives and interests of the organization.

Section 2.  Chairpersons of standing committees shall be appointed by the BOard (except for Legislative and Program chairpersons who are elected).  Additional members, as required, shall be selected by each chairperson.

Section 3.  The chairpersons of all standing committees shall present plans and report progress to the Board in a timely manner

Article X  Bulletin

The Bulletin is produced monthly except in August to inform members of meetings and other activities as well as print articles of interest and inform members of legislative issues for timely action.

Article XI  Meetings

Section 1.  Membership meetings and or public meetings shall be held as deemed appropriate by the Board.

Section 2.  An Annual meeting shall be held each May.  Reports shall be received and officers elected at these meetings.

Section 3.  A majority of the members present shall constitute a quorum for transacting business.  Decisions shall be made by consensus.

Article XII Amendments

These by-laws may be amended by a majority vote at an annual meeting.  Notice of such amendment should be in writing one month in advance and include the time and place of the meeting, as well as the text of the proposed change.  Any branch member may submit suggestions for amendments to the by-laws, providing such suggestions are submitted to the branch board at least thirty days before the Branch Annual Meeting.

[Handwritten date of 9/93 was noted on my copy of these by-laws — C.Jensen]