Below is a list of the organizations we work with and support to help advance the WILPF goals of peace, justice and radical democracy here in St. Louis, across the nation, and worldwide. These organizations are also excellent resources for learning more about disarmament, women’s issues, and social justice. Please let us know if you have a suggestion for this growing list!

Action STL – building a movement to transform St. Louis! Action St. Louis exists to build a future where every Black life can thrive and where our communities are free
Amnesty International – is a global movement of more than 7 million people campaigning for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.
Arch City Defenders – is a holistic legal advocacy organization that combats the criminalization of poverty and state violence, especially in communities of color
Black Alliance for Peace – seeks to recapture and redevelop the historic anti-war, anti-imperialist, and pro-peace positions of the radical black movement.
Citizens for Global Solutions – , founded in 1947, is dedicated to our vision of a peaceful, free, just and sustainable world community.
CODEPINK – is a women-led grassroots organization working to end U.S. wars and militarism, support peace and human rights initiatives, and redirect our tax dollars into healthcare, education, green jobs and other life-affirming programs.
Divest from the war machine encourages individual investors and our nation’s financial institutions
to take action to reduce violent global conflicts and slow the hyper-militarization of our world by divesting from the U.S. War Machine.
Empower Missouri – works to secure basic human needs and equal justice for every person in our state through coalition-building and advocacy. We envision a Missouri in which all people have food, shelter, and justice.
Extinction Rebellion – climate activism and climate justice group
Grassroots Global Justice Alliance – alliance of over 60 US-based grassroots organizing (GRO) groups comprised of working and poor people and communities of color.
Human Rights Watch – NGO that conducts research and advocacy on human rights.
Interfaith Power and Light – inspires and mobilizes people of faith and conscience to take bold and just action on climate change.
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICANW) – is the international campaign to stigmatise, prohibit & eliminate nuclear weapons
Jane Addams Peace Association – We envision a future where people actively work to dismantle injustices and build a more peaceful, equitable world.
Kvinna till Kvinna promotes women’s rights in conflict-affected countries in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the South Caucasus.
League of Women Voters of Metro St. Louis – Promoting an Educated & Empowered Electorate
MADRE – work with women leaders who protect and provide for communities facing war and disaster.
Mayors for Peace -to contribute to the attainment of lasting world peace by arousing concern among citizens of the world for the total abolition of nuclear weapons through close solidarity among member cities as well as by striving to solve vital problems for the human race
Metropolitan Congregations United – community organization that brings together religious congregations, community groups, and individuals to work for a common purpose: to create a better life for all residents
Missouri Jobs with Justice – We organize with Missourians to build transformative power for social, racial, and economic justice in our state.
Missouri NOW – The National Organization for Women (NOW) is the largest organization of grassroots feminist activists in the U.S.
MOmentum – to support citizen action to build stronger, healthier, more just communities. Our action/affinity groups address local, state, and national issues of concern to our community.
National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. Metropolitan St. Louis Chapter – non-profit organization founded in 1984 to advocate on behalf of women of color.
National Council of Jewish Women – is inspired by Jewish values to advance social and economic justice for all women, children and families.
National Network to End Domestic Violence – dedicated to creating a social, political, and economic environment in which violence against women no longer exists.
Nobel Women’s Initiative – work to strengthen and expand feminist efforts to promote nonviolent solutions to war, violence and militarism.
Organization for Black Struggle – To build a movement that fights for political empowerment, economic justice and the cultural dignity of the African-American community, especially the Black working class.
Peace Action – focus is on preventing the deployment of nuclear weapons in space, thwarting weapons sales to countries with human rights violations, and promoting a new United States foreign policy based on common security and peaceful resolution to international conflicts
Peace Economy Project – researches military spending, educates about the hazards of an unchecked military-industrial complex and advocates for conversion from a military- to a more stable, peace-based economy.
Physicians for a National Health Program – advocacy organization of American physicians, medical students, and health professionals that supports a universal, comprehensive single-payer national health insurance program
Poor People’s Campaign – coming together to confront the interlocking evils of systemic racism, poverty, ecological devastation, militarism and the war economy, and the distorted moral narrative of religious nationalism.
PROMO – Missouri’s statewide organization advocating for LGBTQ equality
Raging Grannies – movement of women who use non-violence, song and humor to protest war, inequality, and environmental destruction while advocating for peace, justice, and sustainability
Sierra Club – Missouri Chapter – environmental organization, which seeks to influence public policy through public education and grass-roots political action, and to encourage people to explore wild spaces.
St Louis Friends Meeting – faith-based community upholding our traditional testimonies of pacifism, social equality, integrity, and simplicity,
St. Louis Ethical Society – a Humanist community, gathers to inspire the love, the knowledge, and the practice of ethical living and social justice.
St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee – Project of The St. Louis Instead of War Coalition
Stop Human Trafficking – Eastern Missouri, Southern Illinois Network – raising initiatives that strive to share resources to better protect and provide for victims of human trafficking.
Veterans for Peace – organization of military veterans and allies dedicated to exposing the true costs of war and militarism
War Resisters League – The United States’ oldest secular pacifist organization, the War Resisters League has been resisting war at home and war abroad since 1923.
Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) International – organization established to engage women worldwide in policy advocacy, on-the-ground projects, direct action, trainings, and movement building for global climate justice.
Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis focus on efforts towards advancing economic success for women
Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice – an education and advocacy organization that addresses issues of social justice
World Beyond War – organizes to remove public and private assets from weapons manufacturers, military contractors, and war profiteers.

“Man is a social being.Only when one feels he belongs can one function, participate and contribute.”

— Dreikurs/Adler

“You can’t win a war any more than you can win an earthquake.”

— Jeanette Rankin

“True peace is not merely the absence of war, it is the presence of justice.”

— Jane Addams