News from our Allies – June 2022

Highlights from our Allies – news or actions that have come across our plate and we think you may like them too:

Repeal the U.S. Military Selective Service Act – World beyond War

The Supreme Court ruling: Q+A – Planned Parenthood

We fight for bodily autonomy until all of us are free – Grassroots Global Justice Alliance

Women of Ukraine call for peace with justice, accountability and freedom – Nobel Women’s Initiative

NNEDV Is Gravely Concerned with the SCOTUS Decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization – National Network to End Domestic Violence

The Hunger in the Heartland Report Offers an In-Depth Look at Food Insecurity in Missouri — Empower Missouri

What Juneteenth means to Moms – Moms Clean Air Force

Collective Care is a Way of Life – NDN Collective

WPC call for anti-NATO actions around the NATO summit of 29-30 June 2022 worldwide

Anti-Carceral Feminism in Ecuador: Black Internationalism web series is back

Addressing the Crisis of Homelessness in Missouri – Empower Missouri

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