Democracy is in danger: The lies that nearly overturned our election.

by Lynn Sableman

Our legislators have the important job of keeping us safe from harm. The Federally funded
CDC and NIH were created for this purpose. The results have been longer lifespans and
healthier living enjoyed by all. Decades have passed without addressing the leading cause of
death among children. This is urgently needed. I attended the StLouis Gun violence protest.
“Moms Demand Action” and many other groups showed up. A favorite sign held by a third
grader reads,” when I grow up I want to be STILL ALIVE. People gathered to grieve and protest
the inadequate response by our officials to curb gun violence. The sentiment was palpable.
Shouts of: Do something! Fix this enormous horrendous disease. Enough!
We can do something effective by allotting millions more of our tax dollars to research this gun
violence problem. No other country has regularly occurring mass murders. By funding research
into public health. Good progress will be made. But congress must not to attach strings about
the outcome of the research. Just let the scientists do their work. Don’t allow inhibiting rules like
“research must not promote gun control” It sounds absurd to have to say this. All children want
is to live. Another sign read, my second grader is more precious in Gods eyes than your second
Hawley, Blunt and Wagner have taken NRA money and lined their pockets to such an extent
they earned tickets to the world of the ultra rich where they are exempt from rules that apply to
%98. They perform regular chest beating , hair pulling and are willing to rant and rave about
pre-borns’ rights yet the human host they intend to imprison along with their and doctors for
using healthcare in the form of abortion. Why do these legislators navel gaze about banning
military style weapons and high capacity magazines that leave decapitation and ground meat all
over a classroom, grocery store, movie theater or amphitheater? Prayers clearly don’t work.
What disease do these legislators have? Does money cause their human hearts to evaporate?
They don’t t love our children, the teachers do. Missouri pays teachers the least of all states.
These are the questions that need to be taken up by the CDC and NIH. Let them be free to
investigate the leading cause of childhood deaths, it may be that these senators need to go to
prison. That makes sense to me. Ann Wagner should go to prison.

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