Abortion Ban

by Lynn Sableman

Texas, Alabama and Missouri take heed!
Banning abortion creates a dystopian world. Romanian dictator Nicolas Ceausescu banned contraception and abortions to increase the population. A woman could not
inform her husband or family or friends of her desire for an abortion because any accomplice would face many years in prison.
From 1965 to 1989 an estimated 10,000 women died in back ally abortions in communist Romania. Another consequence of this abortion ban was that hundreds of thousands of children were turned over to state orphanages. When communism collapsed in Romania in 1989, an estimated 170,000 children were found warehoused in filthy orphanages. Having previously been hidden from the world, images emerged of stick-thin children, many of whom had been beaten and abused. Some were left shackled to metal bed frames.
Maternal deaths occurred in low income populations mainly because wealthy women could pay to get an IUD smuggled from Germany. Trump allowed the religious exemption for employers covering healthcare insurance, this has consequences. Stop the war on women.

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